Improve your processes

It’s time to clean up your processes. Tuleap puts control of your workflows back in your hands. No more waiting for administrator approvals. With Tuleap you can create a workflow that adapts to your way of working — not the other way around. From transitions to highly-granular access rights, Tuleap lets you configure exactly what you need at project level, right now, so you can put your team on the fast track to better performance.

How does Tuleap lets you
build the workflow you want

A wide range of tools

To choose from for each project

Flexible planning workflows

So you can see the information you want, the way you want it

Configurable issue workflows

Configurable issue workflows by type and project

Versatile development workflows

from simple to advanced, that include whatever steps you choose

An end-to-end traceability

Effortless. Just focus on your job. Traceability is done automatically

The power of custom workflows

When you have a workflow that conforms to the way you work rather than changing your way of working to fit the workflow, you are more likely to perform at your best. With Tuleap, tailor-made workflows are just a few clicks away. The benefits are clear:

  • Improve overall team productivity.
  • Continue to use your habitual jargon and product/industry language
  • Tailor your workflow to meet a particular customer’s or partner’s needs.
  • Empower your team to deliver higher-quality products faster.
Pierre-Yves Colles

You know the WYSIWYG? With Tuleap, “What you Want is What You Set.” Do you want a very specific workflow? Just design it: choose your transitions and change  the words.

Pierre-Yves Colle, IT Program Manager, STMicroelectronics
enterprise agile planning tool

Select the tools you want to use for each project

Tuleap comes with a wide range of project management and development tools. Choose from the following tools to customize each project workspace: 

  • Project planning: Are you Scrum, Kanban, or both? Or maybe Waterfall is your thing? If no one planning tool meets your needs you can create your own!
  • Issue tracking: Create as many trackers as you need for each project and configure with a wide range of trigger options.
  • Source code management: Choose your preferred version control system, Git or Subversion.
  • Code review: Tuleap Git Pull Request or Gerrit..the choice is yours.
  • Document management: Opt for the new Tuleap Document Manager with practical embedded documents or use the wiki.
  • Test management: Run automated and manual tests from one place.

And, to make your project launches even easier, start with a Tuleap pre-configured project template and customize it.

Create an end-to-end workflow

A complete workflow integrating several tools

From idea to release, every team has its own process. Tuleap empowers each team to translate their unique ways of working into workflows. And, once a workflow has been created, it exists as a clearly structured, repeatable, and thus scalable, process.

Tuleap can handle the simplest to the most advanced workflows.

End-to-end workflow to solve and issue: Bug tracking, Git, Jenkins and Test Management in Tuleap

Shape your backlog and planning workflows any way you want

Collect, manage, and organize the prioritization and flow of innovations from inception to development in your organization. Decide what makes up the backlog, and how frequently you will release.

Some backlog and planning workflows supported by Tuleap:

A Backlog with Releases and Sprints
A Backlog with Products, Milestones and Sprints
An ideation Kanban, leading to Milestones and Releases

Make your own issue workflow.
For each tracker within a project.

A well-orchestrated item workflow is the key to avoiding errors and oversights and automating repetitive tasks. Get organized by customizing your artifact workflow by issue type and by project. With Tuleap you truly can create a workflow that adapts to your needs, rather than you adapting to the workflow.

bug tracker
Example of an issue workflow supported by Tuleap

Get a bespoke software development workflow

devops workflow gerrit
A development workflow supported by Tuleap

With Tuleap, you can configure your own incremental and iterative software development workflow. Create an unlimited number of repositories per project, assign granular path-based access rights on branches for both Git and SVN, trigger Jenkins builds on commit or from the tracker workflow, and choose your code review workflow from basic to advanced.

Different teams can use different tools. For example, one project team may choose to use Git + Pull Request, while another team may opt for Git + Gerrit + Jenkins + Test Management. With Tuleap, each team can create and use a bespoke workflow.

Sounds good?