Turn your agile transformation plans into reality

The fourth industrial revolution—digital transformation—is here, and the quality of software products is more important than ever. Whatever product you are selling, the value it brings customers is in the software. And software now has a direct and undeniable impact on a company’s financial performance. Today, a business’ maturity is measured by the quality of its software. And quality software is software that is designed with the customer experience in mind.
This is why you should modernize software development.

Tuleap helps you on your digital journey. Tuleap enables your teams adopt the Agile and DevOps practices they need to accelerate the delivery of quality, customer-focused software solutions. 

54% of CEO believe their companies will fail if they don’t achieve digital transformation at the same time as their rivals

Couchbase Research, 2017

40% of fortune 500 companies will not exist in 10 years

Study from John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University

How does Tuleap speed up
your digital transformation

Stay in step with customer needs

Be responsive to market changes. Capture new and changing requirements and monitor customer feedback.

Align teams

Business, development, and IT teams aligned with shared goals via a single solution. Implement Agile and DevOps approches, at your own pace.

Boost organizational efficiency

Improve overall business performance. Help teams be more productive, by providing them with leading software engineering tools.


Automate tasks to streamline workflows and identify bugs before they are expensive.

Increase ROI

Faster innovative projects by maximizing software development efficiency. Create the right product and build it right.

Align business, development, and IT teams with a single ALM tool

The success of a new product launch depends heavily on your capacity to provide a single source of truth that teams across your organization can refer to. Tuleap is an integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution that combines portfolio, project management, and development tools, ensuring the kind of project transparency and flexibility that position your organization successfully navigate digital transformation.

Tuleap: tools, teams, projects

Tuleap is one of the bricks of the DGA’s Digital Workplace, a lever for transforming work practices. It promotes visual management (instead of emails and meetings), collaboration on structured data (instead of table files), as well as the involvement of all stakeholders in the daily monitoring of a service.

IT Department, The French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA)

Adopting agile for digital transformation 

Today, Agile isn’t just a tool for efficient project management; it has become a driving framework in the digital transformation.

Shorter time to market requires software systems that are flexible enough to integrate new requirements over the course of a development project. Features that were part of the original plan may need to be replaced by different ones. Your development process must be Agile enough to respond to sometimes fast-paced change.

Tuleap empowers teams to adopt Agile principles, at their pace, or to scale Agile. Flexible, Agile teams have the capacity to deliver those features the market demands in record time.

Speed up your Return On Investment

Implementing the latest software development and project management practices can improve overall business performance by ensuring a rapid return on R&D investments.  Tuleap speeds up ROI by maximizing software development efficiency. With Tuleap, departments across your organization will be more productive.

With an ALM, project initiation is 
730 times FASTER

Research 2019 after a seven-year study — Journal of Systems & Software

Shorten time to market 

Today’s businesses need to move fast to keep pace with market demand for rapid-fire innovations, whether they take the form of totally new products or new features for existing products. Advances in digital technology have only made this trend more pronounced. Tuleap unites all stakeholders involved in building a software application or product in an end-to-end process that produces better-quality software faster.

Automate tasks and deliver faster

Automation can drastically reduce the time and effort your company puts into repetitive tasks. With Tuleap, your teams can organize their planning and task tracking workflows and automate continuous development and delivery. This increases productivity and prevents costly errors and oversights. 

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