Automotive Systems: accelerate product delivery and standards compliance

The automotive sector is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world. Innovation, competition, standards compliance… automotive manufacturers and suppliers are facing a lot of challenges.

With Tuleap, make sure that your product meets performance requirements while also adhering to automotive safety, quality and security standards.

Main Challenges in the Automotive Industry

For a few years now, Original Equipement Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier suppliers of the Automotive industry have been adapting to stricter and ever-evolving norms to be compliant in order to design, verify, and document safety-critical automotive systems. It is a must. Failing to adhere to ISO 26262 and ASPICE involves several risks and potential defects, especially when developing a complex software product.

Benefit from the Agile methodology

The use of Agile methods has become a top-of-list priority when developing automotive software: Agile processes are increasingly popular key ways of achieving the flexibility and on-demand scalability required to succeed in the automotive industry. It becomes easier for Automobile manufacturers to quickly adjust to changes, hence leveraging new opportunities and new technologies as they emerge.

Accelerate Functional Safety compliance

  • Automotive SPICE ( ASPICE – Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability dEtermination) evaluates development factors to identify an organization’s potential to develop software in an effective and reliable manner in automotive development.
  • The ISO 26262 standard provides a reference framework model focusing on the functional safety development process that automotive manufacturers and suppliers must follow in order to qualify their device use in commercial vehicles.

How does Tuleap enable organizations to develop compliant automotive systems

Bring quality products to market faster & based on your customers’ needs

End-to-end traceability from requirements definition to final deliveries

Proof of full compliance for ISO 26262 and ASPICE standards

Agile and DevOps methods for better compliance management

Real-time enhanced collaboration across multi-functional teams

Process modeling and automation

Trusted by innovative organizations in the Automotive industry

At JTEKT we develop complex software; this led us to find a solution to better control our development processes. We needed a single tool to keep everything in one place, with integrated project management, tracking, and code management capabilities.

System and Software Process Improvement Engineer at JTEKT Corporation

Tuleap Capabilities for Automotive Systems Development

devops tool

1. Agile Management and Compliance

Contrarily to what is generally thought, an Agile approach is perfectly compatible with the development process of Automotive systems software. Leverage the advantages of Agile and DevOps principles to develop successful Automotive systems with Tuleap:

  • Real-time collaboration across teams,
  • Adapting scheduling and shorter iterations,
  • Continuous deployment and delivery,
  • Flexibility to changing circumstances, 
  • Early testing.

2. Full traceability and cost-effective audits

Achieve high-level requirements for ISO 26262 and ASPICE, quickly prepare and pass audits and easily prove your products’ compliance by setting up a continuously traceable record. With Tuleap, ensure 100% traceability throughout the entire software development lifecycle thanks to Tuleap Issue Tracking and all the other complementary modules Tuleap Test Management™, Tuleap Continuous Development (CI/CD) and Tuleap Agile management tools.

  • Collect, link and manage any artifacts to gather the proof you need (i.e. for audit purposes); compare it with regulatory requirements to prove your compliance,
  • Define and reuse your project configurations, validated processes and validated requirements as to minimize errors,
  • Centralize information in one single place and easily access the product history in a few clicks,
  • Cut costs in terms of time and money when preparing and passing compliance audits,
  • Create a company template to standardize the processes and activities you want
full traceability
Tracker workflow

3. Automated workflow control

Use Tuleap Continuous Development (CI/CD) and Tuleap Tracker to:

  • Set and then implement the use of approved workflows,
  • Track requirements and tasks,
  • Define document approval workflows,
  • Set and standardize a continuous code-review-build-delivery pipeline,
  • Manage maintenance policy,
  • Define conditional actions triggered by specific events.

4. Quality Assurance and Testing

  • Accelerate automotive product validation with the Tuleap Test Management™ module,
  • Manage both automated and manual tests to validate your software products effectively,
  • Follow up all the activities related to software quality assurance from requirements to their approval,
  • Monitor and analyze test campaigns in real time.
Tuleap Test Management - quality assurance
document generation and traceability matrix

5. Document Lifecycle Management

Use Tuleap Document Manager™ to:

  • Create requirements specification documents and export any information you wish (e.g. your test plan information including requirements, tests, campaigns, execution status…) thank to Tuleap DocGen™ plugin,
  • Get a traceability matrix in a few clicks to better prove the quality and standards compliance of your products (cf. ISO 26262, ASPICE…),
  • Update, review, track changes, approve and collaborate on documents via Tuleap MediaWiki,
  • Prevent the use of obsolete documents and ensure error-free archiving,
  • Share any project-related information both internally and externally (e.g. for remote audit purposes), managing access permissions thanks to an advanced, sophisticated security system for authentication.

Our customers say…

Tuleap has the advantages to be fully configurable and answer to many uses cases. It becomes a company tools more than only an engineering tool. Support is always trying to find solution to our issues.

R&D/Product Development – Transportation Industry – Nov 2021

Great tool for software development and more. Our integration of Tuleap has been a success. We have chosen on-premises option to get a quick integration with the team. Project manager, quality, and R&D are using Tuleap and communicate with a common tool.

R&D/Product Development – Transportation Industry – Nov 2021

Agile & Compliant: how to develop both innovative and standards-compliant software in 2022?

It is time to provide teams with the right tools to define and optimize the management of embedded systems products and projects, s to easily prove software quality compliance for audit purposes.