Governments & Public sector organizations: accelerate Digital Transformation journeys

The fast pace of change and the uncertainty is making digital transformation a strategic concern in the public sector. In addition to innovation and modernization, governments need to be able to create stable and secure digital platforms as well as new software technologies to meet evolving citizens’ expectations.

With Tuleap, start your digital and agile transformation in order to make internal processes more efficient and drive new services model for citizens.

Main challenges for the public sector

agile digital transformation

More connected to serve citizens effectively

With the significant development of digital applications, digital transformation has become a real asset and a priority in many sectors, including in the Public Services one. Therefore, to meet people’s expectations, Governments have to adopt a human-centered approach and redefine the way public services are delivered. Indeed, citizens are expecting their administrations to facilitate their daily procedures and provide a better quality of service (cf. smart cities, digital health facilities, etc.).

Tuleap as a lever for Agile implementation

The need for Agility in Government is mainly due to the continuous changes within its complex environment (from economic, political, social and ecological points of view). As Government agencies deal with some of the most high-stake challenges in the world, agile processes can really be the key to transformation, helping governments meet their objectives.
Tuleap enables your cross-functional teams to gradually implement industry-proven agile practices, aiming to gain in adaptability, flexibility and promote a continuous learning culture.

Boost innovation while managing risks

We live in an era of accelerated disruption on a lot of topics in a very short period of time. To become more adaptative and best prepare for tomorrow, Government and Public Organizations should leverage new ways of collaboration as well as new tools. Rethinking their internal workflows, streamlining processes and empowering public stakeholders, will help them achieve their missions more effectively and at a lower cost.
Meanwhile, Government stores far more data than the private sector and often record it on older, more vulnerable systems. But now, emerging technologies are offering greater opportunities for public agencies to develop way more secure, stable applications overtime.

How Tuleap enables Government agencies to implement Agile practices

Use ready-to-use Agile tools and templates that can be easily re-designed according to your needs

Automate your software development process deliveries to cut minimize risks and ensure quality

Bring teams, tools and processes together to improve collaboration, communication and efficiency

Keep your teams on track thanks to visual dashboards, shared workspaces and frameworks

Encourage continuous improvement at all levels, accelerate delivery and enhance overall business outcomes

Trusted by innovative organisations in the public sector

emmanuel laborde vitam projet agile

In 2020, we have an industry-leading digital archiving software. VITAM is recognized as a success, and it’s only the beginning.

Emmanuel LABORDE, Director of Vitam Program
Vitam success story

Tuleap Capabilities for Governement Software Development

1. Create high-quality software with Open Source

Open Source is becoming essential to successful technological growth: it is the only way to secure your place at the heart of an evolving, innovative market. By opting for an Open Source solution, your organization will be able to benefit from:

  • Lower software costs development,
  • A better return on investment (ROI),
  • Higher security,
  • Sustainability.
kanban board

2. Better visualize and manage your projects

The Kanban method can be a real asset for your organization. With Tuleap Kanban, enable your teams to maintain an incremental workflow to deliver products to market more quickly and efficiently, meeting customers’ demand.

  • Create customizable Kanban boards in a few clicks,
  • Better manage your workload and limit the number of on-going activities (WIP),
  • Easily update tasks status and visualize your projects’ progress in real time,
  • Communicate more clearly with your colleagues thanks to a visual, shared interface.

3. Boost team collaboration and alignement

Your ability to deliver products highly depends on your teams’ ability to build-in solutions that meet your citizens’ needs. For this, Tuleap helps bring people together and deploy agility at enterprise scale, aligning cross-functional teams to your business goals and roadmaps.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration among teams,
  • Visually manage the workflow of features (or capabilities) from the very beginning of the project, throughout all the development phases,
  • Benefit from an integrated and agile environment,
  • Rank highest-priority ones,
  • Easily share product information, scope and progress among cross-functional teams.
Tracker workflow

4. Organize and automate workflows

With Tuleap, you can easily create workflows that perfectly adapt to your processes and teams’ functioning. Configure everything you need at project level, so that you can put your team members on the fast track to improve performance.

  • Benefit from a wide range of integrated tools,
  • Be flexible in planning workflows,
  • Reduce repetitive and manual tasks,
  • Create simplified and unified processes,
  • Standardize and (re)use customized validated workflows and project templates,
  • Reduce the risk of errors.

Our customers say…

Tuleap provides every need that I expected for business use. This product is very simple to maintain and upgrade. Since 9 months, the 4 systems installed on our infrastructure are working perfectly well.

Infrastructure and Operations – Government Industry – April 2021

Excellent tool with a very intuitive handling. The integration of the IC chain is very preforming.

Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation – Government Industry – Nov 2021

Overall satisfied: excellent relationship with vendor, powerfull product.

Infrastructure and Operations – Government Industry – Nov, 2021