Tuleap for CEO & Executives

Turn your digital transformation plans into reality

Executives, whatever your product is, the money is the software! You will be a software company as well, in just a few years. Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 arrive and change the game. Manufacturing companies are currently at the heart of a big a change that will soon be radical : software component is increasingly becoming the core of the products themselves. This digital revolution is both a great opportunity for new business as well as a risk if it is not captured in time.

Digital transformation : people, processes, tools

Make your software a competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition. Make your organization more responsive to changing market needs. Transform your R&D into innovative products faster.

With an ALM solution, project initiation is
730 times FASTER.

Research 2019 after a seven-year study — Journal of Systems & Software

Deliver innovative products for great customer experiences

Be responsive to market changes. Tuleap enables collect and manage new and changing requirements and monitor customer feedback. Embrace Agile and DevOps efficient approaches to stay close to the market expectations.

76% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations.

State of the Connected Customer report

Boost organizational efficiency

  • Help software teams be more productive. Implement an all-in-one ALM solution rather than a set of several disconnected tools.
  • Optimize development and delivery velocity with best-of-breed tools

Cut by 13 the time lost unnecessary in multiple trainings

Increase R&D ROI

  • Improve overall business performance through effective R&D
  • Increase the Return On Investment in innovative projects by maximizing software development efficiency

Modern all-in-one ALM tools decrease by 20
the licence and hardware costs.

Research 2019 after a seven-year study
— Journal of Systems & Software

Increase quality

  • Help development teams build quality products by providing them with leading software engineering tools
  • Improve the quality and maintainability of your products by promoting best development