Tuleap for Project Managers

Ever wished you could change the way your tool works? Now you can.

Project manager workflow

Pierre Pilaz

As a project manager, I like how easy it is with Tuleap to get all my metrics organized in one place and build ad hoc reports

Pierre PILAZ, Function and Integration Platform Manager, JTEKT Corporation

Launch projects in seconds

With Tuleap you can get started and scale up in seconds. Do you work with your own in-house processes? It’s easy to tailor Tuleap to the way you work.

  • Bootstrap project launches using Tuleap’s ready-to-use templates
  • Create your own templates to save and reuse your configurations
Get started with Tuleap
Kanban, Planning, agile project management tools

Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, mixed

All under the same roof

Tuleap is designed to be re-designed. Tweak it to align with your industry standards and your methods.

  • All teams work under the same roof. And each team can work the way it wants
  • Product Owners, Scrum Masters, customers, developers, project managers, and all other project team members, all in one place
  • The all-in-one solution for Agile tools, project management, task tracking, code versioning, testing, and software releases
  • Track project progress visually with pie and bar graphs, burndown charts, release planning and Kanban boards

Tired of waiting for administrator approvals?

Start configuring on your own

Tuleap lets project managers adapt their workspace without global administrator approval. Configure your tools in seconds. It’s that easy.

  • Choose the tools you want to use for each project
  • Create your own user groups for each project
  • Fine-tune permissions on each tools, files, and tracker fields

Better control your workflow

  • Configure your workflow transitions: authorized transitions, automatic field dependencies
  • Automate transitions between several trackers
  • Set your own development triggers at issue updates
  • Customize your trackers: add any type of field, rename titles with your own names
Tracker artifact fields
project management dashboards

Dashboards: KPIs and Reports to make faster decisions 

Utilize Tuleap Dashboards to get a real-time snapshot of any project. It is easy to navigate from high-level overviews to more operational details. Tasks, bug status, and other key charts such as burnup, burndown, and velocity are never more than a click away.


Ready to improve your Project Management with Tuleap?