Tuleap for Quality Managers

Yes, teams can like and follow your QA processes

Quality assurance workflow

Here are the secrets on how overcome quality managers’ challenges. And the good news is that Tuleap will help you to make them happen:

  • Increase implication and communication about quality challenge. Everyone must feel responsible for the overall quality of the products or services you offer and everyone should know his/her role as regards quality. Make easy for all to contribute to quality improvement.
  • Use an all-in-one tool that supports requirement management, development tools and test management. You will reach a better end-to-end traceability and make audit trails faster.
  • Find a balance between corporate templates and freedom for teams to customize their project workflows.
  • Use a level of detail that is enough for your activities and your industry compliance. No need of over complicated processes. Start with simple workflow, evolve when everyone is confortable with.
  • Stay aware of changes to continually improve your methods. Customer requirements and markets are constantly evolving. Quality Management tools must evolve as well.

Tools that support your processes

Designed to adapt, Tuleap tools are the most flexible tools in the market. You can optimally adjust them according to your corporate workflows, according to your industry standards, then, adapt them to your continuous evolving quality processes.

Traceability over the whole software lifecycle

Traceability is about tracing the lifecycle of an activity (i.e., what the end user expects from a new or updated application) and its related software elements (tests, commits, builds, etc.). With it integrated approach, Tuleap connects the dots and provides Quality Managers an end-to-end traceability.

Improve Quality Software

Link Test and bug

Using Excel for Test Management is not the most efficient way

Don’t let Excel hold you back in your testing process. There is no reason to keep struggling with tests in Excel, when they can be easily handled with an integrated and adaptable tools. Using a good test management tool as Tuleap will not only make your life easier, it will also help your teams accomplish better results, and save you a lot of time and money.

Make Test Management easier and funny

Tuleap Test Management is an easier, smoother, more flexible and integrated validation tool for the entire software team. It is an end-to-end test management tool, that gives you control of the entire testing process – from manual testing to automated testing and CI.

  • Add tests and acceptance criterias at the beginning of the product development.
  • Manage in one single tool automated and manual tests
  • Monitor in real-time campaigns progress
  • Seamlessly integrate with other Tuleap relevant tools like issue tracking and development automation tools to provide an end-to-end coverage & traceability without effort.