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Test Management and Traceability
in Agile Projects
August 29 👉Register

Tuleap Enterprise in the Cloud

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Free yourself from the hassles of servers, storage, and maintenance. Let us do it all for you including software updates, backup, and disaster recovery; in the cloud.

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Pay as you go and pay only for the number of users you have. Add and remove users as your team changes.

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  • Tuleap Agile Tools, charts and dashboards
  • Tuleap Issue tracking
  • Integrated Git and Subversion
  • Tuleap Git Pull Request
  • Jenkins connector
  • Tuleap Documents and files
  • Mattermost Connector
  • Extra Pro features(Test Management, Cross Tracker Search,
    Time tracking, Velocity)
  • Expert support and insights
9 per user/month
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€99 per user/year billed annually,
excl. VAT and other taxes

They rely on Tuleap Enterprise

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Vitam JTekt ACMS Solocal
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