Test Management and Traceability in Agile Projects webinar, August 29 👉Register
Test Management and Traceability
in Agile Projects
August 29 👉Register

Makes your software development teams more productive

Tuleap features and people

Make your teams happier

  • Help development and delivery teams be more productive with one single ALM tool to plan, track, code, share applications
  • Encourage teams of up to thousands of users to adopt best practices like agile, continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Connect development, business, QA, and DevOps teams, wherever they are
  • All team members work under the same roof. And each team member can work the way he or she wants

Help your teams feel right at home

  • Facilitate project launches with project templates
  • Teams are free to choose the tools they need and design their project workspaces for the way they work: Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, CMMI, ITIL, Scrumban…
  • Create your own project templates tailored to your industry standards or processes

Easier administration. Lower costs.

  • Make set-up faster: a single integrated platform is more efficient and less expensive than introducing a variety of tools
  • Centrally manage users and rights: configure user groups and repositories from Tuleap global admin for granular, path-based access rights, on each project or tool
  • Breathe, maintenance is now easy. You have one single platform to support, no multiple incompatible plugins
  • No vendor lock-in. Get a sustainable open source solution
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