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They use & love Tuleap Success stories

On their own or in partnership with professional partners, Tuleap is used by organizations of all sizes, from various industries: telecommunications, embedded software, high-technologies, services etc.

Large organizations 1000+ people


“ Tuleap will be the masterpiece of Airbus’ DevOps strategy â€
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“ I moved from hundreds of non-tracked emails and over-complex tools to tailored workspaces to manage large projects. â€
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“ Dev, Test, Secu and DevOps teams who get different needs are now empowered with an all-in-one application â€
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Digital systems

“ We choose Tuleap rather than Jira, Gitlab or Redmine. â€
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“ We achieve SPICE Automotive with Tuleap. â€
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“ 6.000 users, 4.000 active projects, 3 different business cases at Orange. â€
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Medium Businesses 100 999 people

Defense & Space

“ Finally, we found an Open Source ALM software. â€
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Digital Technologies

“ Managing secure Research and Technology projects with Tuleap â€
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Governments and Public organizations

Eclipse Fondation

“ The Eclipse projects implement agility using Tuleap Scrum and Kanban â€
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French Government Program

“ We use Tuleap to collaborate on our Scrum projects. â€
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Indian Dept of Information Technology

“ We experimented SourceForge, GitLab and Tuleap. Finally, Tuleap emerged as the more suitable. â€
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Portuguese Public Institute

“ We get rid of 100,000 Excel sheets and improve people collaboration. â€
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Small Businesses 1 99 people

Radio head technology

“ With Tuleap, we get one single environment with all developer objectives. â€
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“ Agile, Waterfall: 2 ways of project management in one single software. â€
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Traffic control

“ We increase the coordination between the company's departements. â€
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Payment processing

“ Using Tuleap, our teams improved quality deliveries by 50%. â€
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