They use and love Tuleap

On their own or in partnership with professional partners, Tuleap is used by organisations of all sizes, from various industries: telecommunications, embedded software, high-technologies, services etc.

Large organisations - 1000+ people


« Tuleap is fully Open Source, that is a guarantee of independence for us. »
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« Now everyone gets a workspace which matches their way of working. »
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« 4 200 people uses Tuleap each month. This grows by 10% per year »
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Digital systems

« Tuleap is the right way to have good software engineering practices. »
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Medium sized - 100-999 people

Engineering technology

« We cut down on back-and-forth switches between so many tools »
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Defense & Space

« Finally,
we found an Open Source ALM software. »
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Digital Technologies

« Tuleap offers our dispatched teams a secure and reliable workspace. »
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Large Scale Storage

« We use Tuleap to collaborate on our Scrum projects »
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Small companies - 1-99 people

Radio head technology

« With Tuleap, we get one single environment with all developer objectives. »
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Payment processing

« Using Tuleap, our teams improved quality deliveries by 50%."»
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Traffic control

« We increase the coordination between the company's departements. »
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« Agile, Waterfall : 2 ways of project management in one single software »
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