You’ve decided to opt for open source applications for your company? You did the right thing! It’s a strategic choice that many decision-makers have already made to benefit from the unbeatable advantages of open source software: more control, scalability, interoperability, license costs reduction and transparency, for instance. Payoffs are countless. Among project management tools, you can find Jira for issue tracking. However, Jira is not open source. But guess what? Tuleap is. Also, it’s way more than a ticketing tool.

When it comes to Tuleap, whether you’re looking at the Community Edition or the Enterprise one, you’ll find both of them are 100% Open Source. This collaborative web solution for project management and DevOps is well known amongst Open Source communities, and is often ranked in “Top tools” lists. This all-in-one integrated solution allows both agile and non-agile teams to plan project tasks and monitor project status in real time. Workflows can be fully customized and automated, task completion goes faster and products are delivered on time.
If you are looking for a free and open source tool, Tuleap Community Edition (TCE), the free Jira alternative, is what you need!

We finally found a professional open source ALM software with Tuleap.
A real open source alternative to Jira, more broadly to the Atlassian suite.

A Jira alternative, with more and powerful features

All-in-one: Agile Project Management & DevOps

Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, SAFe, hybrid approach… Tuleap allows agile teams to plan their sprints and activities, to monitor project status, to make necessary adjustments, and to collaborate on shared documents thanks to a modern and easy-to-use user interface. 

Since agility also implies quality software developments, Tuleap offers an integrated DevOps toolchain which includes many functionalities such as source code management, code review and test management. 

Therefore, Tuleap provides teams with a wide range of tools, enabling them to better manage their projects and to develop quality software. More than just Scrum and Kanban tools, Tuleap helps with continuous integration, test management and even document management.
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agile project management devops tool

When I came across Tuleap listed as a Top Open Source Tool, I told myself this is exactly what I needed . 

Plan. Monitor your workflow. Generate reports

Create user stories, open tickets, plan sprints and assign tasks to any development team-members.

Define priorities and enjoy a clear insight on the project, to discuss team’s work with a better comprehension of the whole context.

Having access to real-time data and reports definitely contributes to enhance overall team performance. 

Kanban, Planning

Automate tasks. Create & customize your very own workflow

Each team has its unique software delivery process. Easily choose between following a predefined workflow or building one that fits your specific process better.

Quality assurance workflow

I loved using Tuleap! When I moved to another company, I had to use Jira, and I missed Tuleap with its unbeatable configuration potential straight away.

Tuleap makes it to Top Open Source tools 

Tuleap in the TOP 7 Project management Open Source tools for Agile teams 

Kanban cardwall
Tuleap Open Source Kanban cardwall

Tuleap in the TOP 11 Open Source project management tools

Tracker report types is a dynamic community launched by RedHat in 2010, aiming at creating a reference point on everything Open Source related. Contributors regularly bring to the table their analysis of the open source ecosystem and its innovations, inviting users to discover and find out more about open source alternatives, agile project management tools, software development or even about IT service desk. Tuleap has been repeatedly awarded and ranked in the « Top Tools » list.

Tuleap in the BOSSIE awards ranking – Best of Open Source for Application Development – 

Code review

InfoWord, an American news magazine for IT managers, has awarded Tuleap the prize « InfoWorld Bossies (Best of Open Source Software Awards) for the « Application Development » category. The InfoWorld test center which carried out this selection process aims to identify the most promising and profitable products available on the market for businesses. 

The 100% open source alternative to Jira

Many agile teams have chosen Tuleap to manage their software development projects. Among the reasons why they opted for it, the open source feature of Tuleap has certainly played an important role in the decision-making.

There are lots of proprietary or open source software project development tool on the market but beware: too many Open Source tools are now completely out-dated, sometimes even obsolete. Some of them may appear to be very attractive at first, but they often have very limited features ; some of them only provide one part of the software as Open Source, and keep the rest of the product under proprietary licence. Well, for all of that, we advise you to trust true Open Source software providers that really grant you effective independence!

The Open Source at its best.

Johan M. – Developer Coach

Where quality meets open source. The fact that Tuleap is an open source tool allows us to try it, test it and therefore to trust it.

Philippe K. – Research Relations Director

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