Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the comprehensive process of managing software lifecycle. It basically implies to provide teams with the set of tools and resources they need to develop and maintain an application as well as all software engineering and project management activities.

Enhance your project monitoring

Project management

Here you can find more content to learn about project management topics to help you improve team efficiency, project monitoring and decision-making in due time, amongst others.

Agile methods

Far from being merely an umpteenth trend, agility is another type of project management method you can opt for. Agile, Scrum, Kanban approaches: here you have some resources to better understand agility.

Agility at enterprise scale

Getting started with it? Check out more content about deploying agility at enterprise scale.

Open Source software

Find out more details about open source software, their key aspects and advantages.

Agile digital transformation

Check out our contents about the agile digital transformation to help you turn your plans into reality and transform your software into a successful competitive advantage.

Software quality

Ensuring the quality and compliance of software and applications developed is a crucial issue for organizations. Find all our resources on software quality to learn more!


Tuleap allows you to benefit from integrations with different software solutions. Learn more about integration and how data migration works.

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