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Tuleap 11.1 May 2019


Project administration

It’s been a long time without a new permission in Tuleap. No more!

We are pleased (and a bit scared) to announce a new visibility option at project level: Private Without Restricted users.

A Restricted User is a special flag set on users to indicate they are not “us”. Most of the time it’s used to distinguish Sub-contractor from regular employees. It’s useful to create high level rules like “Everybody but Sub-contractors can see this”.

2 years ago we introduced “Public including Restricted” project access level for projects that were holding mostly Public information. Now it’s private projects that can be a inch more paranoid by preventing any administrator to add a Restricted. Of course, it also take into account users’ profiles updates. When a Regular users become Restricted, they no longer have access to those resources.

For long time users, there is a change to take into account in labels. Until now we had 3 levels of visibility for projects (from the most open to the most closed):

As it felt awkward to add “private w/o restricted” to this list, we decided to change that to:

That means that project that were labeled “Private” are now labeled “Private incl. restricted” but nothing else change. What users will mostly see as change is the icon next to their project’s name:

Icons for project visibility

Project creation screen has been updated to allow to choose this configuration at the beginning of the process:

Project creation screen with new option for Restricted

Fixed bugs & requests:

Documents - Under development (Tuleap Enterprise)

Document plugin maturation continues with display of approval table and lock information in tree view. Embedded documents are now rendered in the new interface as well

Display of an embedded document in Document plugin

Display of approval table and locks in Tree view

Fixed bugs & requests:




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Validation results 11.1

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Agile Dashboard


Installation & update


Test Management (Tuleap Enterprise)


Site administration

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Tuleap Vault Plugin

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