Three French Ministries – The Ministry of the Armed Forces, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture – associated to take up the challenge of developing a digital archiving to manage large volumes of data through the Vitam Program. Thanks to Tuleap, teams have implemented processes that ensure complete traceability throughout the projects and improved customer satisfaction.

Vitam secteur d'activité

Their results with Tuleap

Better customer satisfaction

By providing a clear vision of the upcoming releases to the 16 partners / clients from public and private sectors.

Secured data

With the implementation of agile developments in Scrum of Scrum and regular iterations.

Better request management

Via the use of Tuleap as an HelpDesk and the follow-up in Scrumban

emmanuel laborde vitam projet agile

In 2020, we have an industry-leading digital archiving software. VITAM is recognized as a success, and it’s only the beginning.

Testimony of Emmanuel LABORDE, Director of Vitam Program

Emmanuel LABORDE is the director of the Interdepartmental Vitam Program. In this article, he explains why and how its teams use Tuleap.

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