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Open Source ALM brings Security and Stability

Small teams
Small teams(pack 25 users)
12.5 /user/month
Big teams
Big teams(pack 500 users)
4.0 /user/month

Billed annually, excl. VAT and other taxes

Industry-proven features 100% open source. Perpetual licence.

  • Tuleap Agile Tools, charts and dashboards
  • Tuleap Issue tracking
  • Integrated Git and Subversion
  • Tuleap Git Pull Request and Gerrit connector
  • Jenkins connector
  • Tuleap Documents and files
  • Mattermost Connector
  • Extra Pro features(Test Management, Cross Tracker Search,
    Time tracking, Velocity)

Professional support No ticket limit. SLA options.

  • IT support for installation
  • IT support at updates
  • Preventive measures and notifications
More support plans and users packs

They rely on Tuleap Enterprise

ST Eclipse Foundation B-Com CEA CEA
Vitam JTekt ACMS Solocal

What you get for free from the Tuleap open source project is pretty great. But for mission-critical environments, there is real value from Tuleap Enterprise: less time solving stuff, more time creating smart software.

Run easily and safely

With Tuleap Enterprise you get a reliable instance. You can launch new workspaces within seconds and upgrade within minutes, whether you have 10 or 10,000 users.

Rely on supported releases

Tuleap Enterprise enables you to get the stable branch of the product with rigorous quality engineering practices. It is the professional supported release including bug and security fixes.

Lower your TCO

Responding to incidents does not save you money. With Tuleap Enterprise, you avoid the hidden costs of disaster recovery and maintenance for lower total cost of ownership.

Invest, don’t spend

Invest in value-added services, not short-term licenses. With Tuleap Enterprise SLA, get expert insights for smooth maintenance operations and configuration support.

The Stable, Fixed, Secure edition

Tuleap Community Edition vs Tuleap Enterprise

Tuleap Enterprise includes an Active Maintenance workflow:

  • Quality Engineering Policy for a reliable version: agile continuous development practices, code review, testing and validation processes for securing production platforms
  • Immediate bug fixes backport prior forthcoming releases
  • Proactive maintenance for early identification of potential defects and regressions

Professional support

Proactive IT support

Who better than the Tuleap developers can drive you? Get direct access to Tuleap engineers. You will successfully start, build and scale your enterprise platform, during each stage of your IT journey.

Expert support and insights

We understand your business drivers. More than just technical expertise, we help you strategically configure and design Tuleap Enterprise tools to reach your challenges.


Tickets duly noted

30 min

Response time


Requests fixed/month

24 hours

Resolution timeSLA for blocking incident
in Diamond

Who is Enalean ?

Enalean is the company behind Tuleap software.
Game changers in software engineering. We help organizations of all types and sizes build smart software.

We are from the same world

Software is transforming all industries. We do understand how it changes your business. Enalean is managed by former software development delivery managers in large and industrial companies. We have addressed the same challenges you are facing.

Disrupting business model

Passionate software craftsmen and Open Source enthusiasts, we are the first provider of a 100% libre tool for Application Lifecycle Management. Our services include professional support, SLAs, training, guaranteed installation, and a cloud version. We also invented the Open Roadmap.

Lean and Agile

In our software development process and in our customer relationships. This is 3x more successful. More specifically? Focus on final users, flexible to change, regular iterations, prototyping.

Open Innovation

It is the best way of making creativity happen. Sharing your story with others, spark new ideas, collaborate on open source code. We encourage our customers to meet, exchange and pool resources.

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