Tuleap for IT Managers

Make your software teams more productive.
Lower ALM licence costs.

Tuleap: tools, teams, projects

At STMicroelectronics, we have 10,000 Tuleap users. Our 4 Tuleap instances host many different types of projects: software development projects, semiconductor engineering as well as embedded software on chips.

Denis PILAT, IT Service Manager, STMicroelectronics

Make your teams happier

  • Help development and delivery teams be more productive with one single ALM tool to plan, track, code, share applications
  • Encourage teams of up to thousands of users to adopt best practices like agile, continuous delivery and DevOps
  • Connect development, business, QA, and DevOps teams, wherever they are
  • All team members work under the same roof. And each team member can work the way he or she wants

Give users the tools they need to get their job done

  • Teams are free to choose the tools they need and design their project workspaces for the way they work: Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, CMMI, ITIL, Scrumban…
  • Facilitate project launches with project templates
  • Create your organisation project templates tailored to your industry standards or processes

One Tuleap,
many uses.

Whether you are implementing Agile for the first time, scaling up with SAFe®, setting up or managing DevOps, or a Helpdesk, or tackling ISO compliance (or all of the above) only Tuleap provides highly-customizable tools that can encompass a very large panel of processes. You can host multiple workspaces configured for different uses on a single Tuleap platform.

project management methods

Easier administration. Lower costs.

  • Make set-up faster: a single integrated platform is more efficient and less expensive than introducing a variety of tools
  • Centrally manage users and rights: configure user groups and repositories from Tuleap global admin for granular, path-based access rights, on each project or tool
  • Breathe, maintenance is now easy. You have one single platform to support, no multiple incompatible plugins
  • No vendor lock-in. Get a sustainable open source solution

Scalable and robust for 20 up to 20,000 users… or more

A single Tuleap platform can accommodate hundreds of projects and thousands of users. Our customers’ experiences in a wide range of industries are proof that Tuleap is scalable and robust.

scalable tool
Tuleap administration
Centrally manage tools, users and projects