(Re)Discover Tuleap, the first open source solution to optimize agile management and software engineering at the same time. Tuleap is in the Top open source Jira alternatives that supports Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and hybrid approaches. Tuleap exists under two versions: the Enterprise Edition for mission-critical environments and the Community Edition to try it out.

Tuleap, a project management tool comparable to Jira, but…

Tuleap has many similarities with Jira for project management and agile teams. Whether you prefer Scrum, Kanban or a hybrid approach, Tuleap suits to any team. Just like Jira, Tuleap tool is a remotely accessible web-based solution designed to help software teams have an overall vision of their projects development.

However, unlike Jira, Tuleap offers a great variety of integrated modules, such as tools for software development, test management and document management. That is why, companies see Tuleap as a powerfull alternative to Jira enabling teams not only to enhance their efficiency, while working on projects, but also to better stick to deadlines, since team members know exactly where they stand with every project. In fact, each team can easily schedule their tasks for the upcoming weeks and monitor their sprints as well as any step of software development, in real-time.

So watch out: Tuleap and Jira can only be compared up to a certain point ; actually, Tuleap encompasses many more features than Jira. Check out Tuleap vs Jira for further information and the different concepts of the two softwares. 

A professional tool that facilitates Agile Project Management 

Product backlog and easy sprints scheduling 

All the requirements, user stories and tasks are gathered in the product backlog and displayed next to the upcoming sprints. This way, the only thing you have to do is dragging and dropping these items to plan your workflow and make sure they are compatible with your team capacity.  ▶️ Discover Tuleap Agile tools

backlog and sprints scheduling

Sprints monitoring 

Tuleap provides an overview of overall projects progress and team performance. Scrum burnup and burndown charts enables tracking progress, identifying issues, and adjusting plans within time-boxed iterations to ensure timely and effective product delivery.

agile management charts

Issue tracking and advanced workflow

Tuleap tool help you not only manage and track all the issues you may have – such as customer requests, tasks, bugs, incidents, specifications – but also set a precise workflow for each team. This way you can easily automate the sequencing of your activities (aka workflow automation) and then define « who does what ». Moreover, you can create collaborative documents and link pages back to any issue. ▶️ Discover Tuleap Issue Tracking tool


Dashboards, Kanban and KPIs 

Tuleap solution allows each team to generate one or more project dashboards, displaying different types of charts and graphs, that facilitate project follow-up. Get real-time information at a glance!  

project management dashboards

Native integration of Git to facilitate software development

Tuleap, in addition to agile project management tools, encompasses DevOps modules to automate your software development and deployment. 

Git integration

Source code management

The native and advanced integration of Git contributes to deploy this source code management tool at scale. Development teams can easily create one or many different repositories per project, as well as manage access permissions to projects and improve traceability by forcing issue references in commit messages.

Code review

Relying on Git tool, Tuleap integrates code review features to enhance the quality of the code itself. For this, developers can add line-by-line or general file comments. They can even make links between a code review and any other item of the project, such as a bug or a code version. 
▶️ Discover Tuleap Continuous Development chain

Tuleap Community Edition, a free project management tool

There are two versions of Tuleap: Tuleap Community Edition (TCE) and Tuleap Enterprise Edition (TEE). Both of them are alternatives to Jira and the Atlassian Suite.

Tuleap Community Edition is freely accessible and has no restrictions in terms of user number, projects or time limitations. It can be installed on CentOs or Redhat servers and it represents the under development version of Tuleap.

Tuleap Enterprise Edition plans, in contrast, encompasses Premium features and Professional Support to help you out with its configurations. It is the most secure and stable edition for businesses, available both « on premise » and « in the cloud ».

Tuleap CE, the open source alternative to Jira 

These two editions of Tuleap are 100% open source. The software license being GNU GPL (General Public Licence), it guarantees end users the full access to source code and software durability. You are totally free to switch from Tuleap Community Edition to Tuleap Enterprise Edition, and vice versa. Find out more details about Tuleap, the all-in-one open source alternative to Jira.

Tuleap CE, the free alternative to Jira

The distinction between « free tool » and « open source tool » is, however, not always clear-cut.

For free software solutions you don’t pay use rights. Whereas open source software solutions are under a specific legal license which then gives you specific rights. Software under proprietary license, like Jira, can hence be free under certain clauses only (for instance, time restrictions, limited features, special terms…). Even open source software can involve costs in some cases.
However, differently from proprietary softwares, open source softwares – whether they are free or not – are the ones that can really provide unique guarantees.

In a nutshell, Tuleap Community Edition is a free and open source software, available to everyone.
Ready to go further? Click on this link to install Tuleap Community Edition.

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