Continuous Software Development: automate the workflow

Git or SVN at scale

  • Get an unlimited number of repositories per project
  • Link commits back to issues, specs and deliveries
  • Browse and diff code online
  • Improve traceability by forcing references in commit messages
  • Trigger Jenkins builds on commit
  • Web hook on Git push
  • Get email notifications
Git in Tuleap - version management

Facilitate online code reviews

Code review

Pull Request: get started with code review

  • Customize your workflow from basic to advanced
  • Create requests across branches in the same repository
  • Create requests from a personal fork
  • Comment in files reviewed
  • Comment requests globally
  • Create cross-references to a pull request from any other Tuleap item
  • Integrate with Jenkins to find out whether tests passed on the code to integrate
  • Get a dedicated dashboard to follow-up pull request status
  • Rebase and squash options

Connector to Gerrit: easier to manage

  • One-click Gerrit project creation with defaults that keep you productive
  • Automatic data replication from Gerrit to Tuleap
  • Tuleap user management synch with Gerrit

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Automate code integration continuously to catch errors early. Monitor build status without ever leaving Tuleap.

  • Integrate with Git and SVN
  • Trigger builds from the tracker workflow
  • Track job results on project dashboards

Continuous Development with Gitlab

The Tuleap GitLab integration allows you to connect to any GitLab instance, in the cloud or on-premises. Imagine you use GitLab to build code that is planned and tracked into Tuleap. The GitLab integration with Tuleap makes the process of working across these two tools easier and more efficient. Check out why and how to use it.

REST APIs and Webhooks

Leverage the power of Tuleap REST APIs and webhooks to automate a very large number of actions

For exemple, when a Git push occurs, a webhook is triggered to Stackstorm that creates automatically new items directly into Tuleap.

Or, when all tasks of a release get the status “done”, the artifact of the release is set to “ready to be delivered”. A build is sent automatically to Stackstorm that deploy the new version using Ansible and once done, update the release artifact to “deployed” into Tuleap.

Code and Reviews connected to tasks… and more

Bring more efficiency by connecting branches, commits, and pull requests to Tuleap Tracker issues. Just work and Tuleap automatically links all work items backward and forward.

Say goodbye to multiple tools.
Experience the #1st Open Source tool for Agile and DevOps