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Gain better visibility across teams, projects, and products. Identify bottlenecks, improve project predictability. Tuleap analytics and dashboards, turns data into insights to help you make better choices.

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Dashboards and KPIs for Everyone

Whether you’re a CIO in need of executive-level insights, a program manager or project leaders, IT Service Delivery Manager, or developer, looking to share pipeline activities, or a program manager wanting to share high-level status information, dashboards are designed for you.

Executives & Top Managers

Program managers who use dashboards effortlessly stay on top of their overall program status.  They have visibility into every aspect of their project portfolio, from key project metrics and status information, to supporting documentation.

Project Managers

Projets managers use dashboards to know exactly what their project looks like. They can easily move from high-level overviews into the more operational details. Tasks activity, bugs status, and others key metrics are never more than a click away. 

Pierre-Yves Colles
Pierre Pilaz

Tuleap is by far the most brillant software I have been able to see since I’m practicing my engineering degree. 

Pierre-Yves Colle, IT Program Manager — STMicroelectronics

« As a project manager, I like how easy it is with Tuleap to get all my metrics organized in one place and build ad hoc reports »

Pierre Pilaz, Platform Manager — JTEKT Corp.


  • Create a central place to monitor all your development activities with specific widgets : last git pushes, CI status…
  • Track what’s up with the heartbeat widget displaying the last Git pushes and updated or created items
  • Automate the sending of Scrum reports and Git pushes into Mattermost instant messaging

Testers & Quality Managers

  • Keep informed in real-time about validation campaigns progress and testing status
  • Decide whether to release a project or keep it on hold

Tuleap has everything in one product which saves a lot of time. No need to go anywhere else. It has integrated Jenkins as well which just saves the time to build and release the applications. Its tough to find a better tool than this which does so many things in one place.

A developer review on Capterra

Analytics & Reporting: Turn Data into insights

Tracker report types

Visual dashboarding with Charts

Visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points: 

  • Gantt: illustrates a project schedule, shows activities (tasks or events) displayed against time
  • Burndown : shows how much work is remaining to be done in the milestone 
  • Burnup: displays how much work has been completed, and the total amount of work.
  • Velocity, shows the amount of value (points) delivered in each milestone, enabling you to predict the amount of work the team can get done in future.
  • Cumulative flow: shows you how stable a flow is.  It shows the number of items in each stage of the workflow over a period of time. 
  • Pies to illustrate numerical proportion
  • Bars to shows comparisons between categories of data
  • Card wall visually range items into columns: e.g: tasks ranked according to the stages of a workflow, features organized by categories, tasks assigned by team members.
  • Tables to group and analyze sorted data

Make operations on a list of issues

  • Sum
  • Count
  • Count Group By
  • Average
  • Maximum
  • Minimum
  • Std Deviation
Timetracking Overview

Time-tracking to gain visibility on performance

Personal Time Tracking

From your personal dashboard, monitor how much time you spent on individual tasks for a given period. eg. 6h on this task, 1h30 on this bug fix.

Team Time Tracking

Monitor cumulative time your team spent on a particular topic. Eg. Past month, the global team spent 45h in development and 20h in hackathons. Last week, Bob spent 13 hours in support activities for this client.

Search for issues. Create Reports.

  • Use a set of handy, pre-configured filters to find what you’re looking for.
  • Add your own search criteria
  • Change how the results are displayed by changing the view, sort order and columns shown
  • Change your view of the search results in the form of tables, pies, barrs, graphs and card wall
  • Save your search for later re-uses
  • Build custom reports using a wide variety of charts – pie, barrs, cumulative flows- and card boards

Advanced Reporting for specific KPIs

  • Filter data and turn them into tailored analytics
  • Create personalized advanced searches and reports, using Tuleap Query Language (TQL). You can specify more complex searches with criteria as submitted_by = "bob", OR, BETWEEN() that cannot be defined in the basic searches.
  • For quick access, save custom reports as « public” for a shared view or « private » or individual use.
Cross tracker search

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